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The Patni Education Trust (formerly "Patni Education Committee") was established in the year 1963, by the elders of Patni Sunnat Jamaat,Surat. It was formally registered as a charitable trust in the year 2006. Its primary objective at inception was to provide monetary help to the poor and needy students from within the Patni fraternity in the form of educational scholarships. The “Trust” has provided financial aid to hundreds of such students over the years, and helped shape many careers. Alhamdulillah. Having begun at a very modest scale, the "Trust" has evolved, in over 50 years of its existence, into a body providing educational scholarships to school students as also to those pursuing higher professional education at university level. An average of more than 300 students avail of our (the trust) school fee scholarships annually and more than 70 students avail of college/university scholarships. Our annual budget for the academic year 2022-23 has already exceeded Rs.35 lakhs. We conduct an “Annual Prize Distribution Function” to honour and felicitate meritorious students. Besides this the “Trust” has extended its activities to encourage and guide students to pursue higher education. We conduct “student motivation and career counselling” seminars and “exam training workshops” annually. Responses from students, parents and especially women in these activities are indeed encouraging.


It has different committees to run different services such as:

Patni Sunnat Jamaat

Mother Body to manage Jamaat as a whole.

The Patni Co-operative Credit Society Ltd

Gives Qarz e Hasana (intrest free loans) to members of Jamaat..

Patni Education Trust

Helping Jamaat students by giving scholarships, books and uniforms & motivates them..

Patni Housing Society

Developed and now manages Patni Colony.

The Qamar Free Library

Having vast collection of all kinds of books (Religious, historical, political, literary, biography, poetry, novels etc.) in Urdu, Gujarati, English and Hindi languages.


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