Patni Housing Society

Welcome To Patni Housing Society

Our fore fathers who were mostly business men and some had overseas business also gradually started migrating to Surat from Patan. The exact date of forming an organisation as Jamaat is unknown. But it is also a fact that a community’s one of the major requirement is a Qabrastan where they can bury their dead relatives so a part of land of our Maqbara Qabrastan was donated by Janab Abdur Rahman bin Muhammed bin Abdur Rahman in 1751 A.D. This shows that some sort of Jamaat organisation must have come in force before this date.

Welcome To Patni Housing Society

A hand written diary of Janab Gulam Mohiyuddin bin Gulam Nabi Mombasawala from 1880 A.D. onwards shows many Jamaat Activities at that period of time.Such as: Jamaat spent Rs.333 and 9 ana on 3 day picnic on 15-7-1881. In 1876 a shawl (cost Rs.30) was presented to Jamaat Ameer (President). Jamaat membership fee of Rs.286 and 12 ana collected (2 ana per year per person) from 173 families in 1876. This shows that activities of our Jamaat were highly organised in those early days. At present Jamaat consists of more than 1500 families living in Surat, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Bardoli, Vyara, Songadh, Valsad, Mumbai, Pune and also in foreign countries like, Canada, America, England, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.

Patni Sunnat Jamaat

Mother Body to manage Jamaat as a whole.

The Patni Co-operative Credit Society Ltd

Gives Qarz e Hasana (intrest free loans) to members of Jamaat..

Patni Education Trust

Helping Jamaat students by giving scholarships, books and uniforms & motivates them..

Patni Housing Society

Developed and now manages Patni Colony.

The Qamar Free Library

Having vast collection of all kinds of books (Religious, historical, political, literary, biography, poetry, novels etc.) in Urdu, Gujarati, English and Hindi languages.



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Janaab Saaqib Maniar

Janaab Saaqib Maniar


Janaab Yaqub Jarullah

Janaab Yaqub Jarullah

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Janaab Kagzi Zahid Husain A.

Janaab Kagzi Zahid Husain A.


Naeem Patwa

Naeem Patwa